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PSK Trammune – High Quality Medicine Grade Mushroom Extract

Trametes Versicolor is a medicinal mushroom known as Yun Zhi, Kawaratake or Coriolus Versicolor, which grows in clusters on decaying trees on the moist forest floor. It is also often referred to as the turkey tail mushroom due to its clusters of colourful fan-shaped waves, often with stripes of various shades of brown and white that resemble a turkey’s tail.

Immune System Support

The immune system defends against anything that goes wrong anywhere in the body. The immune system is comprised with many types of cells that circulate in the blood or populate the body tissues including the spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lung and gut. The function of these cells is to detect and eliminate any threats to the body, known collectively as ‘The Immune Response.’

When functioning optimally, the immune system detects and destroys any invaders such as viruses or bacteria and also does important ‘housekeeping’ by disposing of any dead, dying or abnormal cells before they become a problem. The immune system also protects the body when under stress and from injury caused by exposure to environmental agents such as chemicals and allergens. How the immune system goes about its task to defend the body everywhere is highly complex and coordinated. However, it is vulnerable to physical, chemical and emotional stresses that plague our daily life. A less than optimal immune function may reflect these insults. That’s when some additional support can help improve the body’s inner defence.

Research Studies have indicated that Trametes Versicolor assists the immune system to be more vigilant. The ongoing stimulation by Trametes PSK keeps the cell types of the immune system more alert so that they respond more rapidly and intensely to any threat to the body’s health.

This ability to stimulate the immune system may help the body ward off pathogens more effectively. But how long does it take to work? It appears Trametes versicolor PSK starts working FAST! PSK has shown it can stimulate an immune response within 24 hours. That means from the day you start taking it, PSK gets to work supporting your immune system health & wellbeing.  

Scientific Research continues to highlight the potential of Trametes PSK to support immune system health and wellbeing quickly and effectively.

Medicinal Mushroom History

The first recorded use of mushrooms in China came from the Pen Ts’ao Ching, a Chinese pharmacopoeia that listed hundreds of substances. The book drew on the knowledge of the medicinal use of mushrooms by Chinese healers for over two thousand years.

This knowledge passed down thru generations has made Medicinal Mushrooms valued for centuries throughout Asia. Elsewhere, although people have been eating mushrooms for thousands of years, it was not until the last century that Western medicine began to look at these little fungi with any degree of interest. Over the past decades, the developing body of research and its clinical use in Japan and China have built credibility for its use and health benefit. Trametes Versicolor History Learn More

Our Product PSK Trammune ®

Using a multi-step hot water extraction process, PSK Trammune® contains an extract derived from the Trametes Versicolor medicinal mushroom.  This process is completed in a Pharmaceutical Facility under controlled conditions to yield a more pure and concentrated product.  PSK Trammune® is encapsulated & packaged using an Australian TGA licenced manufacturer. 

With 14 Years of testing using our Technically Advanced Analytical “Fingerprint” Method, we can Guarantee that every batch of Trammune® offers Purity, Potency and Reliable Consistency.

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