PSK Improve Immune Response Fast

PSK Improve Immune Response Fast



PSK Stimulates an Immune Response within 24 Hours  PSK Research

Over the past decades there have been hundreds of research studies on Trametes versicolor that indicate immune boosting properties and different medicinal effects and benefits.  Many studies focus on supporting a patients through Immune suppressive treatments.

Other research however has shown an increase in white blood cells and improved cellular Immune Function in healthy people with depressed immunity. 

Another study demonstrated PSK’s ability to stimulate an immune response within 24 hours of ingestion.  That means the day you take it, PSK begins distributing particles around the body getting to work supporting the body’s immune system.  


These two studies have shown the potential that Trametes PSK has to support our immune system health & wellbeing quickly & effectively.  

Overview of Research Studies 

In the last 40 years, there has been extensive work carried out on the biological and chemical properties of PSK. Research has demonstrated PSK has the potential for wide-ranging effects on the human immune system.

Improved Immune Function in an Individual with Depressed Immunity

This PSK study showed the potential to stimulate a significant immune response in healthy subjects with depressed immunity.

When workers were given 3 grams a day of PSK for eight weeks, workers from a Japanese chemical plant had a significant enhancement of natural killer cells activity.   There was an increase in white blood cells, and PSK improved their body’s cellular immune function. 

The researchers concluded that PSK ‘potentiates the immunity of individuals with depressed immunity.’  

Stimulated Immune Response in 24 Hours

Another study was interesting because it is not uncommon for herbal medicines to require days/weeks to pass by before they start to have an affect.  This study however, showed PSK stimulated a significant immune response within 24 hours when given to both healthy volunteers and patients. 

PSK References

Please find below references on these two research studies if you would like to dig a little deeper.

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