About Us


Defend Health Naturally is 100% Australian owned. We produce a product called PSK Trammune®. The main ingredient in our product, Trametes versicolor Proteoglycan Concentrated Extract.

Our Background:

Mr Trevor Moore the founder of our PSK Business launched in Australia July 2006 (Vertos Healthcare).  Mr Trevor Moore came from a strict pharmacist background where classic teaching taught us that only Western medicinal preparations were the means of being able to assist people when they were sick. But he then came to accept that in many cases there are benefits to be gained by also using natural ingredients.

Mr Moore graduated as a pharmacist in 1961 from Sydney University and in his early years was successful enough to purchase a number of pharmacies. As the years progressed he felt that people should be able to access more Australian made products so he decided to go into manufacturing his own formulations. This led to the foundation of the widely distributed Chemists’ Own Product Range which is still manufactured and sold today throughout Australia. The range basically consisted of generic OTC (over the counter) products at affordable prices e.g. analgesics, antifungals, cough/cold products etc. Before he sold the business in 2000, he was involved in the research of various herbal preparations, one of which involved a pure extract from a medicinal mushroom called Coriolus versicolor (also known as PSK), which is used as an immunomodulator today throughout the world.

Even though Mr Moore had retired, he always felt that the project involving the mushroom extract should still be developed and the benefits, which are backed by publications in reputable journals, be available to the Australian public. So he developed, with the assistance of some eminent doctors from a Sydney University and an Immunologist from Newcastle University, products which contain this purified, standardized mushroom extract.

By working with the Immunologist he was able to understand simply that we often get sick because our immune system is not functioning properly (“it gets run down”). Like good health, we often take immunity for granted, and only pause to think about it when it is taken away. There is hard scientific evidence to show that when top athletes “overtrain”, their immune system sometimes suffers and they often fall victim to an illness, usually caused by a virus.

Mr Moore finally decided to properly retire and in 2011 and Defend Health Naturally continued forward with PSK Trammune.

Our Goal has not changed since 2006:  To produce a Trametes versicolor High Quality Medicinal Mushroom Extract that is tested, Proven & Consistent every single time regardless of the cost!

To find out more please email:  info@psktrammune.com.au for a Free Information Pack.