Medicinal Mushroom Beta Glucans

Why Choose Medicinal Grade Trametes versicolor Proteoglycan Concentrated Extract

Beta glucans are now widely valued for their ability to support Immune System Health. According to research and clinical data Beta glucans are potent activators that protect the body from pathogens & harmful environmental toxins by inducing innate and also adaptive immune system responses. So what do I need to look for when choosing a mushroom extract to support good health & wellbeing?

Protein Bound Polysaccharide with Active Beta Glucans

Traditionally mushrooms would be collected and made into a simple hot water decoction or tea prepared according to the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia and used to “dispel dampness and reduce phlegm” (meaning to deal with liquids and oils that are not adequately metabolised thus becoming toxic), to treat respiratory tract infection and support liver health. Many health practitioners over the years have used the mushroom to treat a variety of conditions.

medicinal mushroom betaglucans

Based on the reputation of the mushrooms wide-ranging health benefits, scientists worldwide began to conduct controlled basic and clinical research on hot water extracts from Trametes versicolor.

The scientists found that the main therapeutic ingredients in the extracts of Trametes versicolor mushroom are complex polysaccharides with bound core proteins that seemed to be intricately linked to immune system enhancement. The most important of these polysaccharides are Beta glucans. The 1,3 & 1,6 Beta glucan bond structures have shown high potential for health benefits.

As it can be difficult to extract in significant concentration from the fruiting stage of the mushroom researches looked for a more effective way of gaining a more potent extract. Fortunately with advances in modern biotechnology a high concentration of the active ingredient was able to be obtained from the pure mycelium (the vegetative stage) cultured in large submerged liquid fermenters under strictly controlled conditions. This new approach using biotechnology means that, unlike other processes in herbal medicine – The extract is produced as the active ingredient from Trametes versicolor. The freeze dried mycelial culture mass is then produced in large repeatable amounts that have consistent potency.

PSK Trammune capsules contain 500mg of Premium Proteoglycan concentrated extract (Complex Polysaccharides Bound to a Protein Core) The Beta-Glucan content of Polysaccharide is 75% biologically active beta glucans made up of 1-3 (91%) and 1-6 (6%) bond structures. The production process is designed to ensure maximum concentration that consistently meets high international standards. Tested consistently for 14 Years using a Technically Advanced Fingerprint Analysis. This is why we can offer a Gold Standard Premium Quality product Guarantee.

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Can I take PSK Trammune with other medications?

Yes, there are No Known Drug Interactions with the use of PSK.

Can I take Trammune in my morning Coffee?

Absolutely, this is a preferred option for many. Simply open the capsule shell and empty the contents into your morning cup of coffee or tea and stir well until all the powder is combined.

How is our Extract made?

PSK is extracted from a medicinal mushroom known as Trametes versicolor. (other names this mushroom is known by include: Coriolus versicolor, Kawatake, Turkey Tail, Yunzhi). The substance is extracted from this mushroom using a very specific multi-step hot water extraction process and the result is an Active Proteoglycan compound.

How is the quality of PSK Trammune tested?

PSK Trammune is encapsulated & packaged using an Australian TGA licenced manufacturer. Our Technically Advanced analytical “fingerprint” method of testing is used to ensure that every batch of Trammune offers quality, purity, potency and consistency. With 14 Years of testing we can offer a 100% Premium Quality Guarantee!

How long can I take PSK Trammune for?

PSK could be taken for an indefinite period if necessary as clinical trials have documented evidence of patients taking PSK for more than 10 years.

What if I can’t swallow capsules?

Many people choose to take their Trametes versicolor mushroom extract in coffee, tea or juice. Simply open the capsule shell and empty the contents (powder) into the liquid of choice and stir well.

Caution: Do not inhale powder through your mouth or nose as it is a very fine talc powder and it may cause you to sneeze or cough.

What is the recommended dosage?

Take 2-6 Capsules per day divided between morning and evening or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

When is the best time to take Trammune?

For maximum benefit It is better to take your PSK capsules at least 30 mins before food.
If you have a sensitive stomach take it with food to start and gradually adjust time (5mins then 10mins) before eating over a period of days.

If you require further support please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 795545 or email:

Who is the founder of the PSK company?

Mr Trevor More the founder of our PSK Business launched in Australia July 2006 (Vertos Healthcare). Mr Trevor Moore came from a strict pharmacist background where classic teaching taught us that only Western medicinal preparations were the means of being able to assist people when they were sick. But he then came to accept that in many cases there are benefits to be gained by also using natural ingredients. View our About Us page to read more.

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