PSK Trammune 90 Capsule Bottle (International Orders)

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  • 14 Years Consistent Fingerprint Analysis
  • Highly Potent Medicinal Grade Extract
  • Listed Medicine Aust L 128882
  • Expiry Date:  03/25
  • Medicine Use:
  • Help Maintain/Support Immune System Health and General Wellbeing
  • Medicine Contains:
  • Trametes versicolor Proteoglycan Concentrated Extract
  • 90 Capsules in every bottle with two tamper-evident security seals
  • 500mg Pure Concentrated Extract in every capsule
  • Product Overview
  • Polysaccharide with 75% Active Beta glucans containing 1-3 (91%) and 1-6 (6%) bond structures
  • Technically Advanced Fingerprint Testing – 14 Years Consistent Quality & Potency
  • Multi-Step Hot Water Extraction in a Certified Pharmaceutical Facility
  • Modern Biotechnology used for maximum concentration of the active ingredient
  • Our Production Methods yield a purer & more concentrated Premium Quality Extract
  • Australian TGA Licensed Manufacturer – GMP Certified
  • No False-positive caused by Grain Contamination
  • 500mg Pure Extract with No Fillers or Extraneous Plant Material Added

  • Regular Checkups Recommended:
  • This product is not to be confused with dried mushroom powder (Food) or liquid tinctures. Our proteoglycan concentrate is a medicine grade extract (intended to be used with the support of a healthcare professional).   Strict standards govern production with multiple stages of testing from start to finish to verify the Quality & Potency of the finished product.

Additional information

Weight 78 g
Dimensions 5 × 5.3 × 10.6 cm


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